The Beast, Mr. Glass & David


Greetings from within the Lunar eclipse. M. Night Shyamalan's Glass (RED ALERT! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!) opened January 18, 2019. I am not a movie buff, nor do I wish to be, however, on a whim of Kelly’s we went to see this movie the night of January 19, 2019. I suppose now I must see the two movies in connection.

The previous night I had extremely emotionally disturbing dreams. It took nearly 24 hours for the dawning of understanding to come to me pertaining to the very last dream scene. The clarity of interpretation of the end scene of my dream came to me as I was watching the end scene of Glass. I don’t whine about nightmares, I gladly embrace the Darkness, the Understanding which the Unconscious can deliver unto the Conscious Mind, and transform it into something more than it was. There is really nothing else of interest to me but transcending the weakness of being human. The ignorance.

The Beast’s promise to the Horde was to usher in new evolutionary age in which humanity would finally reach its potential. This is what the Beast actually does offer. Chaos is potential. But Chaos alone is without purpose. The Spirit must move upon its waters. The Spirit in Shyamalan's Glass was embodied by Mr. Glass. The Mastermind beyond notions of Good and Evil. The Mastermind creates the notions of Good and Evil within the world so to tell a story, in which truth is revealed.

David is the Good. Like the shepherd boy who would become King David, he is a shepherd of mankind, a Protector. His full potential cannot be realized until his meeting with the Beast. Here we have the Unconscious, the Superconscious, and the Conscious. The Beast, Mr. Glass and David.

My experience of conjuring Goat is not rare, is not unusual, is not special. I would come to read Ursula K. LeGuin’s novel A Wizard of Earthsea after my experience in Venus only to see my own story. LeGuin stated that she had never before read Carl Jung when writing this novel. And yet here it is - the young inexperienced wizard conjuring a shadow creature which haunts him until that time when he can merge with what is his fractured Self. It is not only Jung’s Shadow, it is the Questing Beast of The High History of the Good Sir Palamedes.

The Abyss is not only a place but as well an intelligence. Jung referred to him in The Red Book as The Spirit of the Depths.

The spirit of the depths took my understanding and all my knowledge and placed them at the service of the inexplicable and the paradoxical. He robbed me of speech and writing for everything that was not in his service, namely the melting together of sense and nonsense, which produces the supreme meaning.
— Carl Jung; The Red Book, Page 229

When I was an armchair magician I found Lon Milo DuQuette’s saying that “It’s all in your head, you just have no idea how big your head is!”, to be somewhat towards the psychological model and somewhat cliche. I do not anymore. The psychological / spirit models are a false paradigm. DuQuette’s saying better describes the reality of spirit communication. Kevin had within himself 23 distinct personalities, the favorite of mine being—other than The Beast—Patricia. Patricia is the wise woman within Kevin, and there is the child soul, 9 years old, along with many other I’d like to list out should I by chance see this again in the future on Netflix.

Dr. Staple represents the Logos - reason, human logic, order, stability, a static society held by the artificial chains of a forced neoteny. She is the face of humanity. We are the ones collectively repressing human potential in exchange for security. It is the Unconscious whom we must raise up, the Devil, Satan, Baphomet, the Antichrist, the Beast of Revelation to whom we must turn to. We are not Satanists - to believe this would be to trapped in the wooden fundamentalism that takes comic books for history books. He nevertheless is quite real, however. Ah the seeming paradox…

Mr. Glass believed in comic books - but he knew they were exaggerations of a hidden reality. Mr. Glass was espousing Joseph Campbell. The superconscious and the unconscious must work within the mundane conscious. When we stop expecting magic to be what the exaggerated views of snake oil salesmen tell us it is, we can then be open to perceiving exactly what it is, which is meeting the Devil and his horde, the daimons and dead.

I’m here to awaken others. To tell you we exist. To tell you the daimons exist. To tell you that you must hasten to the Gate of Darkness and stand faith to face with the one-eyed Dajjal. His mark upon you will be the darkening of the right eye, the Eye of the Sun, the Eye of Ra. You shall perceive the world through the Eye of Horus. Above must be come to from Below. I’m not talking in philosophical metaphors. The Beast lives. Just as Odin sacrificed his eye to Mimir’s well, Zazel, the scapegoat requires sacrifice. It is the same sacrifice one makes in rejecting the blue pill and swallowing the red pill. There are lots of fanboys, which are called armchairs, but few are the workers—because as Jung noted, it’s considered unpleasant work, this understanding that the world is broken, people are broken, you are broken, and to the Devil’s doorstep you must go.

In the renewed world you can have no outer possessions, unless you create them out of yourselves. You can enter only into your own mysteries. The spirit of the depths has other things to teach you than me. I only have to bring you tidings of the new God and of the ceremonies and mysteries of his service. But this is the way. It is the gate to darkness.
— Carl Jung, Liber Novus, “Draft” Footnote 163, Page 246.