Artificial Intelligence


Path 16 on the Tree of Life is Ayin, Eye, corresponding to Capricorn. This Path corresponds to Atu 15 The Devil. He stands as guardian on the pathway between Hod and Tiphareth.

Hod is the sphere in which we work. We here create or adopt forms with which to embody the immaterial energies. Mercury is mind. Here too is the Eye by which we perceive the little “I”.

This Eye is artificial. The little “I” from whence our personality springs forth is quite limited, lost in the delusion that the forms themselves are true.

Human personalities are artificial intelligences. The matrix is made of Mind. This is news that the Abrahamic faiths seeking eternal preservation of personality - they are not equipped to understand. The dissolution of the pathologies by which they dysfunctionally abide in the world is their greatest fear. It is all our greatest fear. Because we do not yet know anything beyond the events in life which have given rise to our personality, further defined by such things as race, sex, religion, politic, nationality, culture, socio economic status. On and on the Splendor reveals form. But the mind must be reborn to see the reality underlying the forms. 

Set put out the eye of Horus. The symbol of the lower self - the Eye, or little “I” - must be destroyed if the Return is to be made - if the Hero’s Journey is to proceed into an authenticity of self.  Something more than an identity of male or female or Jew or Gentile. 

 I am divided for the chance of union.

The “real self”, the divine and true self is not housed within the forms of conceptual belief, as much as the “true believers” would tell you it is so.

Satan means adversary, “mind destroyer”. Meeting the Devil on the path of Ayin, in Zazel’s wilderness, as Christ met the Devil in the wilderness is how we overcome our programming, our artificiality of personality rooted in forms which are meant to create with, not be created by. Here in the desert with Satan, Christ was equipped for his ministry - by way of facing the shadow, and overcoming it. 

If the false eye is put out, what we then see is Darkness. The world void and without form. This first veil is precarious to traverse. Who are you when all that you believed to be is shown to be lies? 

Tiphareth is the sphere of Beauty. It is the place in which Horus’ eye is restored, and the little “I” is reborn in the light of the Harmony of One, in which opposites are unified and emerging from the solar fires comes forth the radiant eternal and divine soul. The True Self. The Higher Self. The Real You. It’s a fucking beautiful thing.