WARNING! Sex Stuff... Coming


Through my experiencing the magic of Venus, I went from someone who had been a fundamentalist Christian upset by the notions of same-sex relations, the human body laid bare, and any conversation about human sexuality to, well… what I am today—enlisted to fight in the army of the goddess of not only love, but also of war, who stands alongside Ares.

As a Christian I was immature in the extreme, having had no life-experiences, institutionally repressed, self-righteous, and dealing with sexual issues, brooding forth of shadow material - as all are within the religious "purity movement". What is perceived as naughty, is enacted in secret, and a fracturing of the psyche is the result, with the outcome of self-hating hypocrisy which lashes out against that which it most desires to be.

After my brush with the spirit I call Venus Calva within that initiation, I now have a deep appreciation for the whores who give their bodies to the unacknowledged and stifled aspects of human beingness. They are doing the work of healers. Giving expression to the unloved shadow. Mending the fracture. Uniting opposites. Hermetic stuff.

I often wonder when will we be collectively mature enough as a society to transgress the prisons of restrictive cultural norms around sexuality that the Abrahamic faiths have erected. South America is far evolved beyond North American constipated Victorian attitudes. Yet, progress is progress.

Postmodernism has done well the work of undoing. The Christian divorce rate is higher than secular divorce rate. The Catholic hierarchy, God’s own, are not but a coven of pedophiles. The Protestant movement is replete with men such as Jimmy Swaggart, Todd Bentley, R.C. Sproul Jr., Bill Hybels, Andy Savage, Ted Haggard, and thousands upon thousands of more. Someone should compile a list of Christian leaders found guilty of sex crimes. Nobody has that kind of time. It is sufficient to say that the denial of who we are has severe consequences. With the great release of information comes the great release of the restrictions of false claims to authority. We are only at the threshold.

The world needs to shake the fetters of a failed moralism off. The world needs people who will stand up to the dogmas of hate and say to those yet under its incredibly powerful psychological yoke to say, “It’s OK. I’m not going to judge you for who you are. In fact, I will stand with you.”

For this cause that is of helping Venus to progress us into a future devoid of puerile Abrahamic hangups and tight-assed obstreperously vitriolic conservatives under the banner of some failed Rabbi turned politician from over 2000 years ago, I am writing a course on love magic. I’m doing my little part in the world, which it is so important all of us do, and not delegate in good faith to a political party or religious institution. We must work, individually. First to heal ourselves, and then to heal others. The gods are expressed through living beings, not through the print-created false-reality head-fucks of institutionalism and the parasitic sociopathic liars that run them.

The course, titled, “The Witch’s Book of Spells: Love Magic” will launch this spring. It is only 1 course of what I hope is to be many to come. It’s purpose is to put the ancient technology called magic into your hands. We will be examining—and doing—love spells from the Greek Magical Papyri, the Veritable Key of Solomon, the Grimoirium Verum, The Book of Oberon, and you will learn enough so that by the end of the course you can craft your own spell by way of a Venusian love mojo bag. Do you want to perform a love rite of attraction? To bind a lover? Do you want to do a lesbian love rite of attraction from the 2nd Century? Do you want to separate lovers? We can get up to all kinds of shit. But be warned: I assure you the spirits are real, and you will experience the wrath of the goddess of love and war if you incur too much karmic debt. Unjust intentions have a way of burning your fingers. But that’s how you learn and how you grow. Burn away the dross.

Hail Venus Victrix!

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