Magical City: Orders are Borders

Magical Kingdom by   Ivan Laliashvili

Magical Kingdom by Ivan Laliashvili

The philosopher’s stone is another, and I will challenge you to try to imagine what the achievement of the philosopher’s stone would be like, because it’s in trying to think that way that you begin to dissolve the categories of the Cartesian trap. Imagine for a moment an object, a material, which can literally do anything. It can move across categorical boundaries with no difficulty whatsoever.
— Terence McKenna

I'm an ivory tower type and of the opinion that mingling with herds leads to a strengthened immune system, but a weakened resolve. I have however put a lot of mind power into imagining what sort of magical entity should exist institutionally in public.

"Order" is just another word for "Church" to me. These are bodies that have little to no reason for existence outside of socializing, which is always an activity that centers itself around charismatic personalities, who are those people nearly always drawn to shepherding herds from misanthropic narcissistic sociopathic motivations, who are nearly always unconsciously acting entirely on behalf of their fully-functioning-in-the-world Shadow.

These “good shepherds of men” have the astral aspects of ravenous wolves. They draw to them the most beautiful of creatures, who are not yet well individuated. Young beings honestly seeking place, seeking identity within the world and within themselves. It is the role of these institutions, headed by ring-wraiths, to imprint consensual lies upon the individual, taking from them their individual experience, their individual strength, their freedom of thought, their very soul.

All that then is left the individual is the dogma of the institution to clothe oneself in. No matter the institution, the modus operandi is the same. Resistance is futile: Join with Us. The evolutionary outcome is that these institutions, these orders, these churches can only communicate and be understood by their own language. That’s how you know they are religions. They are exclusive and look down their noses at those who are outside of their church. They have only one language - and that’s the language of the person who founded them. The founder is their god of whom they are only poor-quality emulations. These institutions fracture the psyche and the collective. They do not heal the world, do not unify opposites.

I paint a monstrous picture that many reading this will think is borne of the cynicism of childhood in fundamentalist Christianity. Yes, that experience gave me the ability to perceive the truth of ecclesiology. I don’t require a group of people that think like I do to feel whole. This is a bit of good luck, because none exist.

Terence McKenna told the tale of the Alchemical City, and this is my vision of the future; of a magical presence within the world. Not a congregation, but a population. As information lays bare the truth that was hidden behind walls of dogma, we no longer need walls. Orders and institutions are anachronisms, obsolete, ruins of the past. We can be more comfortable with abstracted truths, not well defined, but for within the freedom of individual minds. It is a model of Nature’s model. It is not an order, but a societal ordering.

It was he, Hermes Trismegistus, too, who in the east of Egypt constructed a city 12 miles long, within which he constructed a castle which had four gates within each of its four parts. On the eastern gate he placed the form of an eagle; on the western gate, the form of a bull; on the southern gate, the form of a lion; and on the northern gate he constructed the form of a dog. Into these images he introduced spirits which spoke with voices, nor could anyone enter the gates of the city except by their permission. There he planted trees in the midst of which was a great tree which bore the fruit of all generation. On the summit of the castle he caused to be raised a tower 30 cubits high on the top of which he ordered to be placed a lighthouse the color of which changed every day until the seventh day, after which it returned to the first color, and so the city was illuminated with these colors. Near the city there was an abundance of waters in which dwelt many kinds of fish. Around the circumference of the city he placed engraved images and ordered them in such a manner that by their virtue the inhabitants were made virtuous and withdrawn from all wickedness and harm. The name of the city was Adocentyn.
— Terence McKenna

Let’s say we had the power to build out this hypothetical magical society. It’s not so unimaginable a feat — 1776 was 243 years ago. Wicker Man was released 46 years ago.

It is my goal in life to attain to this cultural terra-forming in anyway that I can. It’s already happening. Everywhere. Ask yourself how you can join in with Nature in her Work. We do not build structures of idealized fraternity. We are beings of Unity. Stop seeking the others. There are none. Individuate and rejoin Venus Victrix, who is not found in orders, but in the Ordering of All Things. Orders are borders.

Every bug, bird and tree is caught up in the cultural crisis that we have engendered. Our ideas are exhausted: the ideas that we inherit out of Christianity and its half-brother science, or its bastard child science. What I’m suggesting is that an Archaic Revival needs to take place and it seems to be well in hand in the form of the revival of Goddess worship and shamanism and partnership, but notice that these things are old — 10,000 years or more old — but there was an unbroken thread that, however thinly drawn, persists right up to the present.
— Terence McKenna