Empirical Hermeticism Launch

This post is the initial launching of a practical system of magic in the extreme which will span Charm the Water podcast, blog and YouTube channel.

It is born of the knowledge I have garnered in my own magical quest, which began with the visiting of two spirits, who answered my whispered call on July 15th, 2016. On that night my life was forever changed.

I have so much gratitude for the experiences I have had through spirit conjuration over the last three years, using the techniques of what is by general consensus referred to as magic, that this work is my endeavor to say thank you to the daimons.

As they put it to Kelly and I, We are here, no matter what you do.”

It’s time we all came to terms with that daimonic reality. We have before, in many times and in many places. It is again that time, and with their rising up into our conscious minds, there is an urgency that they bring. Were I to put it into a headline, it would read:


My goal is to reach the people out there who are now as I was. I was part of The Great and Grand 99%.

I had no connection to The ThingThe Great Grand Mystery—which I knew to be just out of my reach. I instinctively knew that somewhere there was something that was real. That wasn’t bullshit.

The one redeeming quality that my past self had was the unforgiving and unrepentant determination to know The-Thing-That-Wasn’t-Bullshit.

That unhappy void within my old life and within the world I knew—that unhappiness was the sign of the stirring of a great power within; what is often referred to as the True Will, or Dragon Power or The Stone of the Wise or a thousand other names.

In the Corpus Hermetica Hermes Trismegistus reveals to his son Tat, that the rebirth of nous, of mind, is what he, Hermes, had experienced. Everything can change in a single night. Everything.

From this point onward with Charm the Water I will take my own personal gnosis away from the public eye and place within that void the means—the technology—of bare-bones attainment. I’m going to give you a how-to, nothing more, nothing less. What you experience employing the technology of The Royal Art is entirely yours.

There are many different reasons that people become interested in the occult and the varied forms of mysticism and magic in the world. It’s a vast and confusing landscape filled with people selling expensive vellum-covered horseshit and exclusive memberships to diverse and damnable denominations. The complexification is our doing. It is a consequence of mistaking logos, of reason, for truth.

The reasons you came here do not matter in the least, unless you are part of the occulture, made up of the eternal content-consumer.

This is not for you.

Your reasons as a content consumer are not valid as being reasoning, but rather are the quickly dissipating feelings of the notions of a vicariously acquired and imagined attainment of knowing, or what is colloquially called entertainment.

The Empirical Hermetica is for people that are ready and willing to introduce radical change into their lives. I use the word radical because the etymology points to a fundamental change at the root of the matter. The matter here, being you at your deepest level.

The change wrought here is systemic change, affecting the whole. Jesus’ tired old metaphor of a second birth suddenly takes on flesh when we follow the path lain out by the Gnostics and later the Hermeticists. This is the path of rejecting tradition in favor of direct experience.

The Empirical Hermetica is my attempt to open the door to you, as the door was opened to me, by my former mentor. I had to go forth, or to step-through, by my own innate power.

This “stepping-through” is called initiation. Initiation is received; proffered by what I will introduce to you here as The Other.

There are multitudinous forms of what homosapiens mistakenly call initiation, carried out by the assimilation of the individual primate into a tradition. Traditions are religions, and are by nature static. Dead. Void of the power to dynamically change the individual at the root of their being.

True initiation is a much more intimate affair taking place upon the much more intimate ground of truth.

Within the Hermetic Tradition this intimacy with Other has been called the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. I don’t care what the cultural expression has named it. It is a universal reality, accessible throughout time and place.

There are many hobbyist occultists and mystics who yet only hold to a belief in an invisible world they presuppose exists, from reasoned a priori knowledge.

These people, despite any good and capitalistic intentions, are in opposition to our goal, which is a posteriori knowledge.

Our quest is a quest for direct experience. It is The Hero’s Quest, and few own the courage to abandon everything known, and to step through into the inexplicable darkness which holds within itself the all of what we seek, and what we have been deficient of since the time that our powers of reason separated us from the truth of ourselves.

It’s time to return, with our powers of ratiocination fully wakened. It’s time to face the world as it is, and to embody the authentic self, who is not exactly a self — not in the Abrahamic sense.

The Empirical Hermeticist largely favors sidereal astrology over tropical astrology. Making this decision is to sidestep the consensus of the 99%, unless you live in India. So be aware that my elections will be sidereal.

The Empirical Hermeticist walks by sight and not by faith. We want to observe to know. We want to experience. We are faithful in the recording of our experiences, because they will bear forth much fruit of understanding as time passes.

I happened to record my past experiences through the CtW podcast. As Paul said, it was through a glass darkly, and had I to do it again, I would not make such a public display of my metamorphosis, given that it now seems to me adolescent in nature (I am embarrassed at the place where I grew from, not, mind you, that I now think I am fully grown —far from it and ever be it); however I plan to let things stand here as a testament to exactly what happened, as I can relate it through the metaphors which are language. You do as you wish in your quest.

Kelly and I have been told by the daimons to keep our further experiences private. Given the deep and intimate nature of our experiences, I concur with that wisdom—this in itself is a 180° turn from my neophyte attitude, in which I thought if I could only have the mystery revealed, I could stick it in my pocket and quote from it as needed.

The question then arose of what to do with the podcast. I had nothing to talk of. I now have my answer:

To put this magical path out into the world and to hope that I receive back many experiences from those who choose to follow it.