Nick Farrell - Pagan Magic in the Golden Dawn Tradition

Nick Farrell is our agency’s agent in Rome, and someone who I have followed for many years. If you haven’t checked out Nick’s blog, do so here. If you’d like to check out just how prolific a word wizard Nick is, you can find his books for purchase here. I highly recommend picking up the Hermetic Tablet volumes that are still available! Nick’s YouTube can be found here (check out the Pentagram vid). And the Magical Order of The Aurora Aurea that Nick and his wife Paola founded can be found online here!

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Rufus Opus - A Modern Goetic Grimoire

Rufus Opus comes on to CtW to tell us about his upcoming book, “A Modern Goetic Grimoire” from Nephilim Press! While you are awaiting the publish date, you can check out RO’s previous book, 7 Spheres, or his blog, Head for the Red. Rufus is also planning more interviews for his YouTube Channel, which I really do hope he keeps the name of his show - Ropocalypse Now!

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Alice in Chains and Satanic Light Elves

Frater Parzival, aka K. Scarborough provides us with an excellent exegesis of his experience with the Kledon experiment. If you would like to try the experiment for yourself, listen here for the directions, and then send an audio file of your experience report to if you would like to hear it on a future CtW episode!

K. Scarborough’s article “Heeding the Call” appeared in Vol. 1 No. 1 of The Peacock Goat Review. He’s been a recurring guest on CtW and appeared in Episode 1 ! He’s the magician who runs the page The Light of Earendel, where you can receive a tarot, rune or astrological reading.

Catch up with Empirical Hermetics work here.


Disclosure by Way of Wand - CtW 125

How badly do you want disclosure? Enough to experience it personally? Where there’s a will, there’s a wand. Aaron David urges seekers of knowledge to pluck the branch from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and to invoke the daimonic reality suppressed by beliefs-in and hopes-for.

Wand Wood Blog Post

The Cutting of the Wand Video

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Paulie Skaja Interview


118 - Paulie Skaja - Possibilities

Paulie Skaja has been interacting with the spirit realm from a very early age and has spent decades honing and refining her gifts. A transformational life coach, she dedicated herself to teaching and coaching individuals, classes, and corporate teams alike. She is also trained in mediumship and several energy modalities and blends her gifts and talents to help people around the world.

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