Ep. 72 - Inexplicable Darkness

Aaron David talks about his dream from the last Lunar eclipse in which he was shown black mirrors and heard the phrase "inexplicable darkness" spoken to him. It turns out as well that the magic mirror plays heavily into his work with the Goetic spirit Seer. We also hear a reading of Aleister Crowley's "The Wizard Way", followed with a tale of an experiment in money magic, the stock market and the company called Neptune.


Ep. 63 - Moon Initiation

Here we have a reading from John Bell's article on Yesod, a reading of Crowley's poem, "Moon Wane", and talk around Kelly's heart attack and the life alterations that's to bring both of us. The article on the Masonic 3 Pillars I couldn't think of was none other than Tracy Twyman's Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite: Daumal’s Mt. Analogue, Disney’s Plus Ultra Tomorrowland, and Ayn Rand’s Atlantis, which is worth a read.


Ep. 58 - Rev. Erik Arneson

Aaron David is joined by Erik Arneson of Arnemancy and My Alchemical Bromance podcast. Erik has over 25 years of experience with Tarot and has studied Hermeticism for almost two decades. His studies have given him a deep and knowledgeable connection to the cards. Erik says, "Reading cards for another person is intended to simply be entertainment, but there is definitely a message that the cards convey. Their images speak to archetypal ideas within us, and that’s a tool that can be used for greater self-awareness and communication with our unconscious minds."


Ep. 57 - Len Warner & Spiro Nidelkos - Headless God

Spiro and Aaron David have a chat with Len about his research and work pertaining to the the Stele of Jeu from the Greek Magical Papyri. It is a rite that is at the center of the Western Esoteric Tradition and has been known as "The Bornless Rite", "The Headless Ritual", "The Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia," "The Invocation of the Heart Girt with a Serpent" and of course, Liber Samekh. 

Len has translated Dimitri Meeks' paper pertaining to the Masked Headless God, from French, and you can find that right here. Show Len some CtW love by giving his work a thumbs up! This interview brings me closer yet to having some grasp of my own experience of the Akephalos. If you enjoy the show, please share it around!


Ep. 56 - Spiro Nidelkos of Triple Snake

Kelly and Aaron David reveal more dream revelations pertaining to the Solar Eclipse and then Aaron David's interview with returning guest Spiro Nidelkos of triplesnake.com! This was a rather spontaneous conversation covering many topics, from Crowley to Headlessness to glossolalia Ganesha and much more!

As a side note, the dreams we talk about were read in Charm the Water's Patreon only After Hours #2. The two original blog posts of the dreams can be found on Aaron David's old blog, here & here