77 - Gurdjieff & Ghost Box

Kelly finds out that her's and Aaron David's rural farm house deep in the mountains of Mars Hill was the former HQ for the Gurdieff Foundation of Western North Carolina.  We cover Kelly's Crowley dreams from when we first moved in and talk a bit about the Great Work. At the end of the show we do a ghost box session which had quite a few surprises for us!

Check out the Gurdjieff Foundation of Western North Carolina here


76 - Zazel on the Radio

Aaron David and Kelly talk about events and dreams surrounding the Mars / Saturn conjunction and their appearance in the skies of Mars Hill including a dream in which Zazel speaks to Aaron David. We also talk a bit about the upcoming Blood Root Mars mojo bags; and we finish things out with a really short ghost box session! If you hear anything you want to let us know about, or a shout out just in general, tweet at us @charmthewater or contact us at charmthewater@gmail.com!


Ep. 72 - Inexplicable Darkness

Aaron David talks about his dream from the last Lunar eclipse in which he was shown black mirrors and heard the phrase "inexplicable darkness" spoken to him. It turns out as well that the magic mirror plays heavily into his work with the Goetic spirit Seer. We also hear a reading of Aleister Crowley's "The Wizard Way", followed with a tale of an experiment in money magic, the stock market and the company called Neptune.


Ep. 70 - Moon Initiation

Aaron David and Kelly talk about their experiences with a shadow ghost girl since Aaron David's initiation into Yesod. We have a lot to research yet - was there a young blond girl named Rachel murdered in the Mars Hill area? Could she even be one of the bodies in the unmarked graves beside our house? Whomever she is, she is a ghost, a once living human girl, and this episode is to honor her. To honor Rachel.


Ep. 63 - Moon Initiation

Here we have a reading from John Bell's article on Yesod, a reading of Crowley's poem, "Moon Wane", and talk around Kelly's heart attack and the life alterations that's to bring both of us. The article on the Masonic 3 Pillars I couldn't think of was none other than Tracy Twyman's Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite: Daumal’s Mt. Analogue, Disney’s Plus Ultra Tomorrowland, and Ayn Rand’s Atlantis, which is worth a read.


Ep. 62 - ER Vernor - Lilith

Catch this special simulcast on Project: Archivist as well! Huge thanks to Roejen Razorwire for the invite to participate in this interview and for giving me permission to share it on CtW! Roejen Razorwire and Aaron David chat with E.R. Vernor (Corvis Nocturnum) about his revised book, "Lilith: From Ancient Lore to Modern Culture". Find Eric and much more cool stuff at Dark Moon Press.